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No allusions

27 octombrie 2010

With a tiny face that seemed to look a bit sideways, she went in, pressing the door handle with determination.

” Do you print Diploma Papers in here?”

” By all means!” – answered a top of an employee girl, catching her words in the air.

She looked around for a chair and sat down displaying what she had inherited from her mother in the form of some long legs, beautifully shaped, just like the professional dancers may expect to get only after having thoroughly worked for several years in their career.

She measured me from tip to toe without understanding why, at that time at noon, I was not doing anything useful, or at least why I was not pointlessly working somewhere in the area. I looked at her in my best blue-eyed manner, however without immediate intentions.

She paid for the printing and went out in a hurry.

At 7 pm she returned a bit half-hearted and looking as if guided by a plan.

It was some modifications that she wanted. I made them quickly. She didn’t look so hasty any more. She snapped her purse open and she said:

”I have got two tickets for the Philarmonic Hall tonight….would you like to join me?”

”Just like that, in a friendly way? Oh, you are very kind!”

”Yeah, no allusions at all”, she added

”No allusions”, I approved, I don’t like allusons either, not even in my shoes! Needless to say in a mini skirt! Look! I have been taken to the church and I state that with the mortuary of an employee from the bike pumps!”

”Fine”, she added, ”It’s at 7 pm!”

”Ok, I’ll be there.”

I arrived there at 7 pm, with the accuracy of an atomic clock. Ant still with the same accuracy, at 9 pm we were in bed, under the blanket, making the inventory of each other’s assets, with the phrensy of a pickpocket in a businessmen’s reunion.

We woke up at the same time, smiling.

”Good morning!, I am Felicia!”

”Very good morning! No allusions”….

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